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Wednesday, December 17, 2003

There wasn't any chance for us to play volleyball today...rushed to Tiong Bahru,met Priscilla Goh and then walked in the damn rain all the way to that desserted Tiong Bahru was like very quiet n when we reached there we tried hunting ard for any suitable sites to play...well...the only reasonable place that we could scout to play at would be the basbketball court but it was under construction!
Filled with dismay, i approached the receptionist, only to be told that it should be cancelled due to the rain n renovation works...guess how pissed the three of us say that we're pissed was already understating the situation then man...Anyway...almost watched Brother Bear at Tiong Bahru Plaza but last min changed our the end we went to Pavillion to play an hrs worth of pool...secured permission to stay over for one more night!!!
So here i am again...haha...well..gonna sleep...Sun's gonna rise in like 15 mins time...

5:42 AM


Jason Tan. Male. A true-blue Singaporean. Oldest son. 07.12.1987. Thai-Chinese.



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