Finding peace again.

Monday, January 12, 2004

Finally watched finish 24 episodes of the Scrapped Princess anime...nice
Rained today in the early morning so it was darn cold...but as a result the ground was wet so no assembly!
Hmmm...lessons pretty ok...history was fun coz we did a lil debate n tokked crap...haha...English did nth much...Mrs Pang told us the format for our Eng O's n then read some passage from a book to us...quite interesting...aft sch hung ard for awhile n then answered a phone call in front of the school bookshop man...didn't care wad if its like next to the office...haha...met terrence aft tat coz it was him who called...yah...played volleyball with him till abt 3.30 then he came my home n i past him a shirt...let him wear loh since he going out to play pool...i mean...i also seldom wear...looks nice on him anyway...its a good shirt lil ex so also heart pain but i give means give le..muz honour my word...aft tat wen online for awhile,watched anime again wen i dc,ate dinner n bathe then watched tv b4 cuming online aft i finished the slack man...getting a lil worried...O level le but i still not studying...
Well....juz wanna tell all those who read my blog a big thank you!
At least u care...
God Bless!

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