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Friday, February 06, 2004

Thank God for the weather!
It was kinda cold in the moring man but it didn't rain...woke up kinda earlier than 6...but went back to sleep till 6.30...hehe...lazy siaz...woke up le i ate a lil n call Chit Yong ask if wanna meet...he say he taking bus to sch...fine...coz i wanna wear shorts n go mah...then he say no need coz he wearing i wear pants n go loh...met Tian Chong at the bus stop opp sch...turned out tat we were all gonna squeeze into Shawn's car...when he came,me,Tian Chong,Alan n Chit Yong squeeze at the back...haha...sianz man...reached the reservoir n then evertything soon fast then gonna run le...pretty happy that i finished the race under 25 mins...though i wasn't it the top 15 at least i'll get the cert of participation or some crap...Jagdeep n Daryl came in b4 me...i stopped too many times le...but the thing this run,i've seen the good side of many ppl...some encouraged others on with a gentle pat to the back while others nodded n gave way to those who were abt to over-take them...such humilty really touched my heart...when we were near the water point me n Zhi Cao kinda ran together n grabbed the water...darn...they didn't even poke a decent hole man...gulping down was a chore n only made me choke on the water,leaving me we both threw the water into the trash bag...he missed while mine wen in gracefully...towards the end, i toked to him a lil b4 i over took him...turns out he isn't such an iron man after all...hmmm...but at least he ain't bitching too much abt it...ran the last part with Jun Jie n Russel...spurred them on by telling them tat we had 3 more mins to i slowed down n jogged with them...when we were reaching the end me n Jun Jie raced to the finish line n due to my long legs i guess i managed to over take him...hehe...came in with 32th lah...aft the event i walked home whilest the rest wen home by bus...ate my lunch n then bathe...left home at abt 3 to meet Anna n Xing Yan from SAC...went Song Shing to get some of the stuff for tomorrow's bbq...well...aft that carried the food all the way...haha...she was like the princess who didn't have to do much n Anna was like her poor mother n i the servant...oh well...i dun mind lahz...settled down n left the chicken wings to thaw b4 we marinated em...was reading a comic book n drinking Vanilla Coke while Anna played with the new Motorola hp XY bought...XY was trying to get some sleep...then her aunt who lives nearby like a few blks away called...she said tat she was coming n anna were prepared to hide in the toilet so tat if anything happened anna can pretend to be using it...instead of expecting the doorbell b4 they arrived,the auntie came in coz the door wasn't locked...her son opened the door n they screamed while i allowed my mouth to drop in sheer astonishment...darn...this wasn't good...they slammed the door shut while i dove in to her cupboard...darn...super squeezy n the clothes were like gonna fall out anna had to lean against the cupboard n pretend to read a leg almost cramp...the lil kid wanted to play the com so XY had to bluff him into going out so tat she can show him her new digi cam...wen all was clear n the aunt had left leaving her son behind as she was coming back,i ran to the toilet to hide...wen the boy was safely kept away in the room, me n anna quickly sneaked out b4 her aunt came back again...funny sia...i usually only have close encounters but this was the 1st time it actually happened!
Hmmm...aft that went to TM to try to look for the book "Boy Meets Girl"...couldn't find it...went to meet PG n her fren who left shortly aft i came...walked ard...bought a pink Giordano shirt for Ke-hui's b'day...haha...hope he likes it...went to Mt.Zion but the book wasn't there i bought a few cards for my friends...yah...hope it'll encourage them...walked with PG n we parted ways wen i reached my home...would've sent her back if it was dark but since it was still bright with ppl ard i guess i wun have to wen home n ate,watched a lil tv n then bathe...aft tat Sharon called so tok awhile...wen she go bathe i played the guitar whilest waiting...then she called back again...she put down le coz she gonna sleep so i guess i'll be free le...but i gotta sleep also so many things to do during the weekends!Tomorrow got BS at 3 at Bukit Batok then flying down to Pasir Rid for the bbq...yah...hope it'll be fun!

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