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Friday, March 05, 2004

Lets start from Sunday...wen to the beach...only got me n Terence...met him with Eudora n Yi En at Harbourfront Mac where we had our lunch. Yew Wee, his gf, Desmond, His fren Kevin, Mango n Hui Fen supposed to come...on Sat i was informed tat all but TL n demond can't make it. SO left me n terence. Desmond did not switch on his hp so we decided to go w/o him as he was super late...from meet at 11 drag till 2.30...biangz...still not yet come...went there n played with a few ppl...ex-vb players...super good man...i was like so lousy compared to them so only played one match...then didn't wanna play me n TL play on our own n slack fren from Navigatorz,Alex,was ard so he n his frenz came...they played Frisbee n vb but we didnn't join in...Desmond called n i was like quite reluctant to pick up...he finally came with Kevin...then started raining...everyone took shelter whilest me n TL sat underneath the rocks...sang Christian Songs like "God will make a way", "As the deer" n many more but couldn't finish any song entirely coz our brains were freezing once we got stuck we picked other songz.Even did our BB cheerz n marching songz...lolz...Thank God that nth much happened...had a relatively good time...but next time a whole list of ppl will not be included in the next outing...obviously coz they were least Hui Fen n Mango gave me valid reasonz...

Can't remember much abt wad happened on Mon...did our Math Self-study qns super fast...went to Eastlink mall to eat where i bumped into Grace. On tuez went home i went for CLB aft eating lunch in sch with Alan n Chit Yong...Oh yah...i ran 800m in abt 2mins 50 Secs!!!Also had nervous man...hope my team did well...

Lolz...thursday was half day n since i dropt art, could slack...asked Su Ling to do 2 CLB compo for me but she only do still very good le...did math while toking with her n Ines...the guys,Shawn,Chit Yong,Alan and Darryl Boey were listening to discmans,one from Darryl the other from Abbie.Both got confiscated coz Mr Gopal saw them listening to to think they bought A batt from the bookshop for it...but the owners were like nvm loh...confiscate then confiscate loh...haha...lucky guyz...went to eat at LJS...not bad...Kenneth n Tian Cheong also joined us...Kenneth sent his 25 Hour watch to be repaired at Century Square.We walked back n saw some of our sch guys at the Millenia court n then we went to play with them. Not even one minute had past wen we started playing n i had already slipped n fell. Left elbow got scrapped n my left butt had a concussion but i quickly recovered...i knew the symptoms so moved ard to get the "lightness" outta my head...played for quite awhile wen sumthing happened...we saw this Indian Lady walking in a marching manner...yes...walking pretty quickly but her arms were practically swinging perpendicular to her body!!! We started pointing to her n laugh...tat was wen she started walking over...we started gathering n i decided to represent the group coz i know the rest shouldn't get into trouble...besides...we didn't do anything wrong...she told us to apologize but i kept asking her why we had to since we only laughed n wad was wrong with it. She commented by saying tat we were laughing at her n tat the situation involves her. She claimed tat she was a PSYCHOLOGIST n said tat we boys should apologize to her. SO I smirked at her n asked her why she tot of us as boys since we were all considered young adults by now. She said tat she was 37 so i replied immediately, "And i'm 17".
Lolz...she walked off n muttered sumthing like "Big Hunk" or something n we shouted " I beg ur pardon?" in unison manz...funny...she turned back, grinned n said "I didn't say anything did i?
Besides, u have no evidence." SO i guess the matter was settled...but wen she was out of earshot, we started laughing again...she got furious n u guess she called the cops. She hang ard n waited for them to come...we were willing to wait too as we were not afraid...we weren't guilty of anything ritez?
SO after waiting for sooo long, rain clouds came so we wanted to leave by the last goal. We scored n then wanted to leave wen the 2 police man came.They literally strolled here...i guess they wanted to give us time to run...haha...but we didn't...but since it was the last goal we all wanted to go...but they stopped us...confronted us loh...the Sergent had to stand on a seat as we were all pretty me off for placing my hands on my hips...guess it looked like an act of defiance to i complied loh...he only scolded Chit Yong as he spat close to the lady...not purposely man...coz he IS sick...she so he told CY to apologize which he did earnestly,saying, "Sorry Ma'am." Thank God tat He watched over us...the copz even wished us a good day n closed the matter...haha...guess e lady was fuming le...the Coporal who came along wrote down CY's name...i know lah...its protocal...juz in case CY did it again wun be recorded in the Computer but only in the log book...yupz...hehe...i got connection mah so i noe wad happenz in such cases...went to Econs to get a cool, refreshing Vanilla Coke n then while on the way back in the park bumped into my parents n sis. Had they been there any earlier i would've been dead man...i said " Dad, i got into trouble with the Cops." He said,"Coz u never wear u shirt rite?" I said no n he juz smiled as they walked away...

Ihad Bible-Study at my house with Zhi rose petals which i kept n wanted to press from his engagement party on V'day had fungus all over them!
Lucky he came...if not i'll not have remembered abt them as they sat rotting in my as if there was spiderz spinning their web n stuff...hmmm...
Friday...had a relatively good day...did an Eng Compo during Chi period...supa good piece...a 634 word compo on the Cross Country event last month...went to TPJC with Terence to train for summarize, I can only say that their school vb really no standard siaz...besides their Captain n vice-cap, all the rest were below, not even on par to me n TL...haha...arrogant ritez?
But i'm not bragging lah...well...i wun be going there anymore i guess...Pris Goh wun be studying there anyway...oh yah...Leon was there too...his VB not bad...can play lahz...but can't receive...
Thats abt butt still hurts!!!

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