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Monday, June 21, 2004

Guess i'll blog anyway...coz its been so looong since i've typed out a looong here's from Friday after i blogged onwardz...forgive me if its brief...coz i dun wanna end up getting everything deleted coz my IE gets hanged...


After i updated on Fri, went to take a nap, ended up sleeping till 1 instead of rush rush rushed my way all the way to Emmanual House...yupz...tats where i always go...its at Aljunied, next to where my fren, Wan Yi stays in her condo...yupz...
Reached there at 3 instead of 2...but they din really set to work immediately...made "tables" outta boxes, covered them with black rubbish bagz n then sprayed them to decorate them a lil...then after tat was assigned as Reception crew...supposed to make sure the ppl who come remove their footware n wash their feet...hehe...we pour water for them on their feet n then some soap is applied on their feet...the soap ROX ok...its Gatsby de...den got micro-beadz...n GUESS how much it costz???
$1!!! of em bought it at some $1 value shop in Parkway Parade... the event unfurlz...ppl come, register, get their feet washed, sprayed with strawberry scent n for the galz, they get a free manicure!!!
Wahahaz...then they settle finally startz playing! SUPER-DUPER-DE-DUPER GOOD!!!
Songs like The Reason, Truely Madly Deeply,etc etc...dinner time came n we helped to prepare the plates of food...had 100 over pplz we the personnels din eat...let the ppl eat lohz...but i was the 1ST to try out the desert...brownies with ice-cream...lalalaz...hehe...wen clearing of my frenz asked me if i could help of her company's client is "Seventeen" Magazine...she needs "Beach Boys" coz there's a competition on Fri n she asked if i could take part if she can't find 17 boys...lolz...its funny...i kinda missed out 2 chances to be interviewed n featured n now here comes another! Hope that since its the 3rd time i'll be able to make it n have my own seventeen fame! Hahaz...then i'll be on equal status in *Un-EdGed*...coz they've been interviewed n even filmed to go...update more wen i'm home!

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