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Tuesday, August 24, 2004


This is the reason why i'm crying...i can't believe it...another life lost...though it was before my fren's sudden death, still, its one tat really could have been accident...a damn accident...and she's gone...As Christian's, we know where she's gone words can console her loved ones...only time, and God, can heal the pain...
To all who know Seraphina Ng, my heart goes out to you, for i share your pain as well...the testimonials, are proof enough tat she wasn't one who should've gone...

That was a pretty ok day...was laughing away while waiting for my turn to take my Eng O Level Oral...guess wad? Saw Frinch, a fellow's a yr older than me...was the 3rd went there, read thru the passage and glanced at the pic...
The passage was abt a Mr Min who went for reflexology treatment for pain in his knees. The pic was abt 3 women and 2 elderly, the 2 who looked like volunteers were massaging the soles of the elderly...conversation was an event tat caused me physical pain and my views on other forms of medical treatments for medical conditions...
Talked abt how i left volleyball in sec 1 coz i had an injury and though i had 6 mth MC, she wanted me to come back aft 2 weekz...told the examiners tat coz i wanted to be a Commando which require a PES A, i din wanna risk getting a permanent injury. Thus, i left volleyball...told them that i still had pain in my knees after prolonged exertion...guess the part abt me n NS really perked them up...then told them my views abt uncoventional treatments...Mrs Pang is rite...she managed to spot the correct topics...hmmmz...well...b4 i left the room, they said, "Well Jason, I hope you attain your goal is NS, cause the country needs more men like you!"
Wow...i guess i can console myself with at least an A for Eng! Hung ard in the waiting room for ppl who have finished...talked to a guy from Nanyang Poly...he was from his Eng and design sch there...knows Rachel Lim, my ex-classmate in sec 2B n 3B...interesting...practised dance a lil and then headed home...

Am exhausted...almost feel asleep while playing some msn games with Crystal...not ur fault ya? Oh...
Congratz for winning the letter of the day for the THIRD time running!

Gonna go sleep now...i'm totally drained...

6:45 PM


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