Finding peace again.

Friday, March 10, 2006

NEVER have i felt such a great myriad of emotions...from being totally elated at taking a grp, and being proud of their achievements, to torn and lost. In creeps jealousy and resentment, as well as hatred and all that is heart is burdened by the unnecessary...

Its abt 1.30am finals will be today...shortly after i came home, a tear or 2 rolled down my eyes as i sobbed at how much one event, can make me feel.
And no...i'm not talking about Teens Search...i'm talking abt the one day event that i just did with NYGH...from the start to the name it, we've got it...politics in management, backstabbing amongst friends, to the very joyful scene where you get to know new people...its really a rollercoaster ride...damn it.

I'm glad that its over...but yet, i could've done so much better...i'd probably feel the same after my finals tmw...don't think i'll go clubbing with them at MOS...we'll see.

Its so hard to be a Christian christian, when all around you, are part of the world.

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